Monday, October 5, 2009

Geez-Louise! Time sure does fly, does it not? October is here - - what happened to September??

Well, my apologies for lack of posting. I've been absorbed in getting the kiddos settled in a school routine, cheer season (rah.......rah. I know. The enthusiasm is just entirely tangible, isn't it? Sarcasm is certainly not one of my finer traits. :), and preparing for our book club's debut gallery - - which profited nice donations for our library and renaissance association! Whoo-Hoo! We even received notice by our local paper!

I realized that I have yet to share with you the enchanting portraits painted by the girls. Therefore ... I present to you, the Friends in the Park Book Club's ... The Wonders of our Community...
The festival was one of the most loveliest experiences - - the weather was breathtaking, the scenery was capturing, the welcome was heartwarming and the postcards and baskets were a hit! Yea. Truly, there were moments during the day that I felt as if I were nestled within a Norman Rockwell painting ... children playing along the banks of the river's shore, sunshine reflecting diamonds off the water, beautiful hymns swelling the air among the soft rustling of leaves and conversation, and the gentle, happy spirit of the community bustling about embracing it all. Yes. A lovely weekend by far.

Our booth.
Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
-- Antonio Smith

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Melissa said...

You did great Jenn! I am so proud of you! :) I was there, so I can be totally honest when I say that it was absolutely beautiful and well organized...wouldn't expect anything different from you!

You are amazingly talented...keep up the great work :)