Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the LOVE of HOME ...

I had experienced the most loveliest of pleasures during Christmastime this past season ... I was commissioned to create two home portraits as Christmas gifts; or, as I would like to refer to them - - heirlooms, as I do hope they become that to the families that receive them.

The first touched my heart tenderly. It was created for my client's mother-in-law who will be leaving her homestead, which she and her family fondly refer to as "The Ranch", to move into a retirement facility without the companionship of her husband, who passed away just months before.

First are the photos from which I worked from, and the portrait follows thereafter --
Truly, there were times when painting this portrait that my heart felt full and tears filled my eyes. There are moments that I feel stunned by how quickly time passes ... families grow and change .... generations move on. I reflected on how I would feel in her shoes ... as if a chapter were closing -- but in my 90's, would I feel as if a new one would begin again or would I simply hold tight to the memories of what used to be? It reminded me of my grandparent's home that I continually drive past even though it is not a convenient route. Gram is in that very same facility and Pap is gone. Our family dynamic changed - life changed - and yet time keeps rollin' on, never pausing. The nature of life is delicate, and noting that, I comfort myself in the blessings that it holds .... faith. love. family. home.

The next portrait is of home that houses a family who truly does live that motto. This painting was almost playful for me as it was requested that I dress it for Christmas. How fun!

May you all hold dear on to your faith, be wrapped up in love, blessed with the joy of family and nutured within the dwelling of your home. Happy New Year!

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.

~Thomas Jefferson