Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Back to Creating ...

You know ... thinking back through my projects - it seems to me that I tend to paint and create when I have a reason to, as commissioned work or gift-giving - - rather than just for the sake of creating. I am wondering if I will be able to shake this routine - even when I am consciously attempting the 12-week course of The Artistic Mother --- Which, by the way, I am part of a large group of like-minded gals who are attempting this feat as well. Check on my sidebar for a link to where you can also pay visit to other artistic women who are on a similar journey ... an artistic sisterhood, per se - - it's nice to know one has company! :) If you would like to join us - stop by at
Getting back to creating ... Friday and Saturday held a paintbrush in my hand - and, Dear Lord - it felt good! The reason for the painting? - because you know there is! - my mother-in-law's birthday. Right away, I pictured something for or representing her flower garden ... and so, the process began ...
Worn wood from old basement shelves - - character, I say ... after swiping off a few cobwebs! Although, my mom declares that cobwebs simply add texture! LOL!
This may have been the most fun! Throwing paint around & loving that blue!
Adding some warmth and wear with stain.
The makings of a Chickadee - I have such a soft spot for these birds. Funny thing, too, is that my mom-in-law seems to have one of these little characters in her garden that attempts to chase her out each morning. So, it seems appropriate that a darling chickadee must be included.

There he is.

Wild roses ... these are the most fragrant and beautiful roses I've ever seen. And, lucky am I, that a bush has been transferred to our yard. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will dig its roots in and bloom this summer.

Hollyhocks ... can one have a cottage garden without them?


Sweet William.

Within my Garden ... Magic lives.

It's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.

- Claude Monet

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally! A spark!!

Trying to will myself to be creative was not working. Days passed and to no avail. I worried that my paintbrushes would dry rot from complete lack of use!

So - - yesterday, while my daughter was still recouping in her room - while my husband and son were off trekking through the snow - while my pup was taking his daily nap ...
I popped into my computer one of my most favorite films ...

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know that films tend to be a muse of sort for me ...

When making homemade pancakes in the morning, I like to have You've Got Mail playing in the background (don't laugh!) ...

When painting holiday/winter scenes, my pick is The Family Stone ...

When painting warm, light magical pieces, it's Miss Potter.

Truly, if you are an artist and have not seen this movie - - you must treat yourself. An enchanting film that captures the inspiring life of Miss Beatrix Potter - set in the beautiful landscape of The Lake District of England. - how I would love to pay a visit!! But for now ... I experience it magic through this film - and really, it is just enough to, finally, spark my creativity.

So ... Peace & Quiet ... Miss Potter - my muse ... and the action of actually pulling out my paints & brushes. Quite glad that I had my hubby bring up some old wood from the basement!

Images of spring - gardens - light - magic are unfolding in my head ... Hmm - - I wonder just where my paintbrushes may take me ... I'll keep you posted! :)

Use your mind to flourish within self-imposed restrictions. Find your own muse within your little world.

- Beaman Cole

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bumps Along the Way ...

Well - - life hit some small bumps and knocked me right of the bloggin' wagon (again.) ... those small bumps disguised as snowy roads, school delays and sick days that have left me feeling sucked dry of creativity and not an ounce of mojo to kick me into gear. It is in the early morning hours when taking our pup outdoors that I swear I hear Old Man Winter's laughter in the wind. Sometimes, I feel as though the devil himself is creating obstacle after obstacle to interfere with my ability to sit down with my paintbrushes.

So, today I find myself with that time ... and how do I feel? Uninspired.

Oh, you should hear my bitter laughter. I must keep it down though, as my daughter is still upstairs mending from her nasty bug - - third day home. Poor thing tried to head to school this morning, and was back in bed within the hour. My son is with Grammy and Pappy today - - mercifully, they offered to pick him up from school for a shopping trip to the mall ... thank you.

He was so excited that he woke this morning and dressed himself before heading down the stairs - - interesting pairing of shirt and pants (*smile*) - - I suggested something warmer and he reminded me that, "Grammy & Pappy don't care what I wear and, Mom - God made me!" Well - I guess he told me! So, off to school he went ...

And, now, I sit here ... pondering what to do. One thing that my mind is churning on is a design for a gift that I need to make. I do believe that it will be the creative project that will pull me from my gloomy mood and sprinkle a good dose of brightness to my day. You know what else brightens my day? - - - Candy-coated chocolate that doesn't melt in your hands ...

Hey! Who ate all my M&Ms???? How 'bout that - - my hind end answered ... apparently, it was me.

In order to get from what was to what will be, you must go through what is.

- Anonymous