Thursday, August 6, 2009

FINALLY!! Paintbrushes in my hand ...

Summer, in these parts, has not been very seasonal; thus, my delay in painting my porch steps ... rain, sun, rain, rain, part-sun, rain, rain, calling for rain, peak-of-sun ... well, you get the drift. So, I needed to wait for a suitable time that was clear with both - my schedule (really the kids' - who am I kidding?!) and the sky!! And, well Girls ... the rain held off for a few days (not the threat, I assure you!) and I decided that, really & truly, will there ever be a time that both will be clear?? Doubtful. Therefore, I threw caution to the wind and pulled out the supplies; only putting them away for Book Club (another post to come)!

So, I decided on a soft yellow (actually called "Tucker" - why?) ... something different and fresh, but could adhere to all seasons ... even though it's lookin' a bit spring-y here ...
Then ... oh yes ... I did it. Polka dots!! Love, love Polka dots!
... and since I'm in my whimsy mood - why not add a checkerboard in the mix?
I tend to be drawn to a "cottage" style, as I love to play with different plaids, florals, stripes, etc. So, I brought in a delicate, floral vine to add some color and interest.
On a side note - - it was during these two photos that I entered a blissful, peaceful, artistry-heaven. The sun was shining, my children were visiting friends and family (...peace in the valley, y'all ... hush now, every mama needs a few stolen moments of time when there is not chatter & demands clamoring between her ears, right?!), and I dabbled my paintbrush to my favorite music that peels the years right off ... Taylor Swift. Yes. Guilty as charged. I just love that girl!

After adding the vines with buds & berries, I applied an antiquing stain to add depth & warmth to the background. Then, one of my favorite sayings ...
... a bit of whimsy that touches my heart.


Nicole Austin said...

this is just lovely! what a wonderful way to be welcomed to your home. and what a wonderful way to spend a sunny, summer afternoon! :)


Catherine Holman said...

That is absolutely charming! Wish I had wooden stairs!

Anonymous said...

I love the steps they look so cute.

Sara said...

I love this!