Friday, November 14, 2008

If you've been wondering ...

I've been crazy busy lately, as every other member of our organization is right now. We are in high gears to bring forth our best year ever and commend the achievements of the participants with our Annual Creative Expressions Awards Program. Woo-Hoo!!

This is our red carpet event of the year! Celebrities shining that evening are the crazy-artistic, talented kids from first grade through sixth ... from the earthy art of sculpture to the lyrical whim of music composition ... the painters, writers, dancers, photographers and the like are all honored and lifted high in praise for their individual artistic passion!

I've spoken before of my adoration of this committee and the amazing women who make it shine with brilliance. I am so blessed to be part of it.

So, to do my part, I have been working on the handout program, which features our contributors who make this program possible with their generosity and support.

This project took the longest ... and thank Heaven that its done! It would have been simpler if my file from last year was not destroyed when my computer crashed and burned ... UGH! Thank the Dear Lord above for the maker of PrintShop! as each ad had to be designed from scratch. But, as our committee members all agree - this program seems to be in the hands of God, as He smooths our paths in broadening our horizons and shaping this amazing program, as well as leads such incredible women to our little group. Each new member adds that missing ingredient and breath of fresh air that rejuvenates our passion for this celebration of art. So - believe it or not ... the advertisements flowed like a magical puzzle that never needed tweaking. Can you believe it? Truly, I sat amazed when I realized that I was finished.

Last night, I embossed the golden seals for our Certificates this year, and now they await my calligraphy.

This year's theme is Kids Just Wanna Have Fun ... so very true, isn't it? My daughter submitted in the category of Sculpture her interpretation of this theme ... you know it brought a few tears to my eyes, for she designed a swing set with her and her brother swinging on it .... how endearing that he was her first thought. I will cherish this always as a reminder of their bond when they are teens and on each other's nerves!! (smile) We'll have to see how she places this year ... I thought that I had taken a photo of it before submission, but I cannot seem to find one. I'll post a pic from Awards Night.

Well - I'm off to pull out my ink and pens so that I can check another thing off my list! Hmmmm... I'm think I'm in the mood for ... yep, The Family Stone, again! You know me and my movies!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tag ... I'm it! :)

Just when I think that I'm bobbin' around out here in cyberspace all by my lonesome, Nicole tags me to play! Hmmmmm ..... 7 random tid bits about me - oh, geez. Interesting or odd ... well, I probably have a bunch of the latter - LOL!

Well - let's play ...

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I love to wear aprons while cleaning, cooking or baking ... it makes me feel more productive - don't ask me why. I guess it comes from watching too much "Leave it to Beaver" when I was a child ... BTW, I still do! :) My favorite one is my custom-made apron from my sister - She had it embroidered with "...What Would Betty Do?" (a/k/a, Betty Crocker) She's a smartass for those who do not know her! LOL! Betty, I am not. My hubby wishes, I am sure!
2. I have long toes. Once - on a dare - I ate a piece of pie (not sure whether it was apple or peach) while holding the fork between my toes. I know - a picture of grace, for sure. Talents run amuck in our family. Why, my sister can pull a knee high over her head and her nose actually disappears! Like I said, talent. (I'll pay for that one, I'm sure.)
3. I have to watch movies when I create. Odd, I know. And, they have to be certain ones, too. Right now, I have "The Family Stone" in my daughter's portable DVD player on repeat (I've been painting today.). I just keep hitting Play over and over again. Another is "Miss Potter" for obvious reasons. Oh, and I have to watch my "Everybody Loves Raymond" episodes (DVD) when I have laundry day. I'm pathetic that I must be entertained - but it truly makes the time go faster!
4. I made the decision to earn my degree for Paralegal Studies from watching Matlock. Truly. I even announced this in class (not exactly bright, I know.) when asked what brought us to have the desire for a career in law. Well, it must not have been received too negatively, since my professor did end up offering a position to me in his law firm.

(Okay I've just made a startling discovery about myself here ... most everything in my life pertains to TV or Movies ... what does this mean?)

5. I believe, with all my being, that I have talked with my late-Granddad in dreams. I do believe that our loved ones reach out to us when they pass on to Heaven. Bright red cardinals and smells of evergreen and mothballs are my Pap's signs ... at least that's what I think that he sends me. I always lift up a Hello to him on a prayer. Gosh, I miss him.
6. When I was little, I had a lazy eye and began to wear glasses at the age of 2! And, they were those really cool ones with brown plastic frames, really thick lenses and an added touch of sparkle with sticker initials stuck on them ... is anyone catching some sarcasm here? Thank Heavens that eyeglasses have come a long way - my daughter will probably end up in them! And, if you couldn't put it together ... I was a real looker! Add, stringy brown hair that my mother tried desperately to style and you have quite the elementary knock-out! LOL!
7. My husband and I have known each other since 5th grade (I ditched the glasses by then and figured that squinting looked best .... LOL!).

Alrighty - I'm done. Whose next? ....

Charming Posey

Welp ... that's it. I'll be checking to see what interesting tid bits ya'll come up with!

Oh, and Miss Sara just tagged me for 3 things that I like about myself. Oh, goodness ...

1. That God blessed me with a creative heart, a joyful soul and working hands.
2. My hair. You are probably shocked to hear that from reading No. 6 above, but as I matured, my hair turned curly - and believe it or not, quite manageable (even straightened!), unless caught in a rainstorm or very humid conditions. UGH! Then, I become Madusa!
3. Last, but certainly not least ... I take the time to count my blessings. Whether it be tucking my children in at night or behold God's beauty in the morning light - I look around me and see, what marvelous works He has given to me. (honestly - I did not mean for that to rhyme!)

Have a beauty of a day, Friends.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Still Spooooky ...

Since it is still "technically" Halloween weekend ... I thought that I would share with you the haunted houses that my daughter and her friend made last night.

A little paint, a bit of spook & a touch of glittery magic and POOF! Haunted houses to cherish! Aren't they cute?!