Thursday, July 16, 2009

Strollin' & Scootin' Around the Neighborhood ...

One of my most favorite pastimes is to stroll ... take in the sights of wherever I may be ... and breathe. Since retiring our stroller (which I still feel pangs in my heart to push that thing!) and (sniff, sniff) our dear Red Flyer Wagon, I now "stroll" behind our children as they scoot. Just another reminder how time just keeps on marchin' on ... BLAH! Finally remembering to take along my camera, I snapped shots of my best-loved homes that I find simply inspiring. My dad just shakes his head at me and laughs.

This is the home of a childhood friend of mine.
Her parents were incredible artists.Being in their home as a child, I felt in awe of the creativity that it exuded. I can recall walking through room by room and feeling as though it was magical. Portraits in the making erect on easels, sunlight filtering through colored glass along windowpanes, attic cubbies filled with vintage Barbies and dolls, worktables overflowing with canvas and paper with tubes of paint and stain scattered in disarray ... everywhere I looked - my heart felt full. I suppose the art bug bit me early ... (*smile*)

Our walk continues on this street to a home that should it ever go on the market ... I would beg and plead for my husband to consider it's purchase! I find it dreamy & cozy ...

A more stately home with lovely gardens ...
Bunnies at play ...

... led us to a door fit for a whimsy, storybook cottage!I want that door!!!

Our stroll, of course, was wrapped up when we arrived at the playground ... but I didn't mind ...I got to place a check mark on "Our Summer To Do List" - - Swing Barefoot.

(Don't judge me, ladies ... I wish I had time for a pedicure!! :)

Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work that nourishes you.



Sara@i.Sass said...

What a sweet and comforting post. Taking such beautiful pictures of the most normal and everyday things and turning them into a magical post. I love how in the picture of your feet is the shadow of the are so clever!

Debra W said...

This post made me so nostalgic for the days when my children were little enough to scoot ahead of me. You're right, time does fly by!

I really enjoyed your tour! What wonderful homes. I love that you can still walk by the home of your childhood friend. It definitely is a magical place! And it sounds like it was a place of huge inspiration for you. How wonderful!

Thanks for such a lovely treat.