Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twirling Bubbles & Whimsy Paper ...

These past few days of weather have been heaven-sent! I am in pure bliss with the brilliant blue sky lasting from sunrise to dusk and the lovely, cool breeze keeping the heat off ... what better time to twirl bubbles through the air?With yesterday as our book club meeting, I was super grateful for the good weather!

We discussed the first half of ...
So far - I COMPLETELY love this book! It reminds me of the stories that I enjoyed as a child ... similar to the Bobbsey Twins and Trixie Belden ... children playing outdoors all summer long, seeking exploration and adventure. Love it!
This story is the tale of four Penderwick sisters that take a summer holiday with their father and stay in a lovely, little cottage on the grounds of the Arundel Estate, where they meet Jeffrey, the son of Mrs. Tipton - who is portrayed to be the snooty owner of Arundel - and Cagney, the 19-year old groundskeeper. Rosalind, the eldest sister, seems to have taken on the role of caregiver since the death of their mother. Jane is the aspiring author - always dreaming and romanticizing everything. Skye seems to be the skeptic of the bunch. And, Batty, the youngest, trusts all her secrets and wishes to her best friend, Hound - the family dog - and is never seen without wearing her butterfly wings. Precious. What I found most endearing about these sisters is their loyalty to one another ... the Penderwick Family Honour.
I was thankful that all of the girls shared the same enthusiasm for this book as I felt. Although we are just halfway through the story, the number of stars the girls rated it thus far ... (drum roll) ...
Infinity & beyond
(to quote Maggie)

Yea, Penderwicks!

Moving onto our creative time, I knew that it would be slightly hectic. Thank the Good Lord that my helper was able to come and assist me - Thank You, Thank You & Thank You, again, Megan!! She is just the sweetest!
Some girls were finishing up their Wonder Paintings, while others were learning a new craft ... Marbleizing Paper.
Here is how you can make your own whimsy paper ...

What You Need:
Paper Cups
Craft Sticks
Food Coloring

Cooking Oil
Aluminum roasting pan

Small eye droppers
Paper (we used Linen Resume Paper)

What You Do:
1. Fill several paper cups 1/3 full with cooking oil and add several drops of food coloring. Stir thoroughly with a craft stick.
2. Fill your tray with an inch of water. With your dropper add a few drops of color to your water.
3. Gently swirl the color around until you like the pattern. (Note, this did not really work for us - not sure why - so we just sprinkled the oil dye here and there.)
4. Carefully place paper so that it lies on top of the water.
5. Lift the paper off immediately and let it drip for a minute.
6. Hang the paper on a clothes line or a flat surface to dry.
And, there you have it. Whimsy Paper ... :)
To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or a confident -- it is to have a soulmate for life.
- Victoria Secunda


Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

I LOVE the whimsy paper! I must try that. It's so pretty!


Catherine Holman said...

The paper is so charming. Can't wait to check out that book. It sounds like something I would really love.