Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Peaceful Morning ...

I found myself this morning in an empty and quiet home ... this never happens! My in-laws earned sainthood in keeping my son all day yesterday to allow my hubby and I to Christmas shop - THEN, (as if that wasn't enough!) offered a sleepover to my son and his cousin (my daughter was having one of her own) ... like I said, "sainthood" ... or just a glutton for punishment! LOL! Either way - we were blessed!!

So, after my daughter and her friend left for a Christmas party, I poured a cup of creamy peppermint coffee and thought that I would stitch up some ornaments to give to friend as a hostess gift. I pondered on a design and decided to do something along a penny rug design ... I do so love that blanket stitch! I say this now, but had you asked me, say, back in October, my answer would have probably contained a cuss word! Those were the days of the dreaded ... Girl Scout Banner ... UGH! :) Kidding aside, I am glad that I took that challenge on and completed it on time - Thank the Dear Lord!!

So - the ornaments ... I picked a Red, an Army-kind-of-Green, and Cream felt...

One down, two more to go ...

After a few hours ... Voila!

Three handmade, penny-rug-style ornaments gifts - and I didn't even have to leave my home!!

Also, just a note of excitement from our home ... My husband harvested the largest buck in all of his hunting experiences (which dates back to boyhood!). He is beyond thrilled - actually more out-of-his-skin jubilant - and I am just tickled for him! The rack is a hearty nine point and the deer is a mature beauty. Kudos, Honey!

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Donna said...

Hi Jenny,
Mmmmm, peppermint coffee, sounds good.

Your ornaments turned out very nice, too cute!

And, a big congrats to your hubby!
Way to go.


Sara@ Butterville said...

Those are so cute. I'm with Donna...mmmmm peppermint coffee!

Catherine Holman said...

Enjoy your peppermint coffee filled morning and I love your ornaments!

Posey said...

An empty AND quiet house? I'm SO jealous! My in-laws just move here from Nebraska so maybe I'll get a little reprieve now and then.

The ornaments are very cute I love working with felt, it just works up so nicely.

Nicole Austin said...

i love these ornaments! so sweet!

Tolentreasures said...

Wonderful ornaments...I love to blanket stitch also. and congrats to your hubby on the buck. Our friends here and our one son-in-law (eight hunters) got eight bears on the first day of bear season, unheard of!


Cottage Lifestyle said...

The ornaments are so beautiful...the blanket stitch makes them so cozy looking.