Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whew! What a time it's been ....

Sorry to have been absent for what seems like weeks ...

May I just say that if I never see another piece of felt ... embroidery floss ... colorful pins ... or pricking needles .... it will be TOO SOON! Who am I kidding? I do love to work with these embellishing tools, but this banner has done me in for awhile. Well, at least until this afternoon when I have to stitch up my daughter's costume for tonight! Yes, you heard me correctly ... tonight.

So, why have I been away for so long? Doot-do-do-DO! ....
The Girl Scout Banner is finished! Can I hear a "Ya-Hoo"?

Goodness ... Truly, this project has become my third child. I am so attached to this thing - my husband was beginning to think that it has taken his place in my heart!

"Please, please ... put down the needle and thread?"
"Are you still UP?"
"Uh-oh, she's getting out more felt!"
"Hon, step away from the pin cushion ..."

My poor hubby has dealt not only with floss of every color strewn around the house and sticking to our socks and clothes, but also my days of PJs and bedhead, laundry pileup and most importantly, my distraction with all that surrounded me ... days upon days. But see, he should be use to this by now. It's how I work. I am completely absorbed into my project.

However, during this time of creation, my daughter had a horrible bout with Strep and was literally in bed from Tuesday evening until Sunday afternoon, when she finally was able to join the living. My heart was so full of concern for her ... I was certain that it was strep, but the culture from the doctor's office revealed a negative result; therefore, it was concluded a virus. That was Thursday. On Saturday afternoon, we received a call from the lab ... STREP! Then, the most unfortunate experience consumed when dealing with a curt nurse, an inept pharmacy and a doctor who refused to contact me personally. You see, we have a long history of allergic reactions and must be careful in what is administered. We were contacted at 1:00 and did not receive medication until 7:00 P.M. for the misinformation and battle of wills went on and on ... and on. Thank heavens that my girl is well, in school and doing much better! Thank you, Jesus!

SO. Back to my Life in Creativity ...
... and leaving off where I stopped in my prior post:

-The Banner-

Here's some pics to illustration the latter banner steps:
Felt flowers ... I just couldn't get them out of my head! I was determined to make them a part of this banner, even when my family was expressing ... "Eh ..." over them. I knew that once they were stitched - they would take on a complete different look.
What do you think? I just find them cheery & whimsy ... Child-like.
Next came the troop numbers ... I threw a few ideas around (basically trying to find the fastest way to represent them, but to no avail ... I decided to replicate their number badges on their vests.
A slightly tedious task... but happy with the end result.
Next - I tried to figure out what I could accompany the embroidered flowers with ... something pertaining to the troop ... hmmm.
So, I scanned a few pages of our Badge Book onto my computer, imported them into my PrintShop and printed them onto Iron-Transfer paper.
See, this is my messy corner of my little world ...
well, actually - I have quite a few of messy little corners ... :)
Then, I ironed and trimmed them out ...
Next, I had to sew
YES, with my sewing machine. My husband was elated! (Finally, his money was put to good use!) Did I mention how he kept at me for hand-stitching everything? "You know, I do recall giving you a Christmas present of a sewing machine .... " LOL! I just did not think that my pieces would have the same presentation if I had machine-sewed everything. Some things boys just do not understand!! :)
I sewed the pockets for the rods, as well as the rick-rack.
THEN, I was ready to finally stitch all of the flowers and badges onto the banner ... a "blank" number of hours later ....
TA ........DA!
I call her "Rosey" ... she was born on Monday, October 20th, 2008, after many hard hours of labor!! LOL!!
Let's see ... Tuesday, October 21st, held another project; however, in the kitchen! It was the day of Creative Expressions Bake Sale at Open House. I have not spoken about Creative Expressions ("CE") as of yet ... but let me just say that it is one of the gifts in my life. I stumbled upon this organization by complete fate.
I was at a low point soon after my son's birth and my resigning from my paralegal position to be a homemaker. Most of my friends were co-workers and family. I was feeling very lost and not really knowing my direction. I prayed very hard for God to lead me in a path where I could feel positively fulfilled in all aspects of my life.
I attended a PTO meeting in order to get involved and expand my horizons. It was there that I met the chairperson for CE, who - I would like to add - as become one of my dearest friends. She just happened to sit by me in the meeting and gave a brief update on CE. This organization had caught my eye in the handouts my daughter had brought home from school. CE is an Arts Recognition Program that students can express themselves in the different areas of Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Music Composition, Dance and Sculpture ... how inspiring!! With my heart and soul so enraptured with the absolute love of the arts, I was immediately drawn to CE!
I asked if they needed any help ... she gave the time for the next meeting ... and I was HOOKED!
This group of ladies all come to the table with their own beautiful and inspirational gifts of charming personalities, thoughtful creativity and kindheartedness ... I am so blessed to be a part of this group. Our meetings are a place of friendship, care, laughter, sharing and creation. CE is certainly a bright spot in my life and it is because of the women who make up this organization that it touches so many.
So ... like I said, CE Bake Sale ... I put together some yummy (hopefully!) treats of chocolate covered pretzels with Halloween embellishments ... :) Check 'em out!!
And the best news, yet ..... They sold out!!!! Yea! Now, I'll have to do it again next week for our school's next Open House .... (sigh). Really, they weren't too hard! I just hope that my pumpkin keeps in the fridge till next week!
So, I'm off now to go for a walk to see if my little guy and I can see the neighboring horse and sheep, and complete my project for today ...
A Dalmatian .... say a prayer!! :)


Sara@ Butterville said...

Oh goodness Jenny! You are a nut! I want to come to one of those CE meetings! I need directions for those yummy pretzels please.
All I can do is shake my head at you. You talented busy busy bee! And to think I'm feeling all sorry for myself that you've been gone awhile. Just look at what you've been doing! I am shamed.

Tammy Sue said...

Jenn -- My eyes filled with tears when you talked about fact, they are filling again as I write this. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration and kindness...they bolster me, even if you don't realize it. Your banner is INCREDIBLE! Your treats were delectable...they just had to be! Gorgeous! You are like King Midas....everything you touch turns to gold...only better, b/c people actually get to enjoy your numerous creations! As Lynne would say, "Thanks for being you!"



Aunt Judy said...

The banner turned out GREAT.......Aunt Judy

Nicole Austin said...

What fun! Those treats look so yummy...I'm sad Halloween is already done with! :( There's always next year!