Monday, December 22, 2008

Sniffles, Tissues & Lots of Sprinkles ...

Sounds yummy, eh? Who wants some of my Christmas treats!! :)
I've been baking like a fool and got this crummy little ol' cold - but rest assure to any of you who may receive some of my goodies - I have been thoroughly scrubbing my hands, which are now chapped and red, and wearing a mask!! Kidding about the mask, but not about my poor dried out hands - Thank Heaven for Gold Bond!!
My sniffles and tiredness is really beginning to put a damper on my holiday cheer ... I haven't even wrapped a thing!! Someone please remind me not to be such a procrastinator! Next year - I'm buying one or two gifts a month, wrapping in October and baking in November!! I've just had it with dragging myself through December so that by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, I can barely hold my head up from total exhaustion!! I know that I'm surely not alone in this ...
I am currently working on my Sugar Cookie Snowflakes - (see, not a tissue in sight! I told you that I am using extreme-germ-discretion!!)
I've had this copper cookie cutter for years ... and never used it! Crazy, I know! :) I usually do all the variations of Christmas cutters - reindeer, wreath, tree, etc. Since sugar cookies are only on my list of must-have-cookies for the holiday, I decided not to make myself crazy and inundated with dough and sprinkles .... So, my big snowflakes are taking care of my craving for tradition and yumminess to dunk in my coffee ... :)

I received some great, little baking supplies from my Gram that came in handy during my Days of Baking .... my favorite is this fabulous Martha Stewart silicone baking mat (above) - just LOVE it! The cookies turn out super with even baking and color - WooHOO! I'm ignoring the fact that this little gem is rubber/silicone/whatever ... and let's face it - that's not natural material, but the FDA says that it's okay. You know, that in so many years, they will be linking cancer to these things!! Well, I'm figuring that my consumption of cookies once a year should not do too much harm ... right???? Okay ... happy thoughts! happy thoughts!
So, what else might have this sniffling elf been baking??? Well, let's see ....

Kiss Cookies - you know, mistletoe and all? :)

Peppermint Candy Cane Sticks

Snowballs - my hubby's favorite!

Buckeyes - it's just not Christmas without these babies!

A new addition this year - Festive Holiday Bark

(Semi-sweet Chocolate swirled with while chocolate intertwined with toasted cashews and sweetened cranberries ... in other words ... YUM!)

Oh, I do have one little disappointment to share ... my Christmas postcards were unable to be produced by my printer. Apparently, the paper that I provided had a coating on it that changed the color of the illustration when printing ... Thus, no holiday cards from us this year. Bummed is a complete understatement - especially, when receiving such beautiful Christmas cards in the mail. Had my printer notified me a tad bit earlier, I would have created an alternative greeting. (sigh ...) I may still try something if time allows ...

Well - I must get back to the snowflakes .... I'm almost done!! And, if I do not write before the 25th ....

Merry Christmas!
May you have the gift of faith,
the blessing of hope and
the peace of His love at Christmas and always...


Tolentreasures said...

Your cookies look amazing! Almost makes me want to bake....well not exactly. Take care of the cold!
Have a great holiday!


Nicole Austin said...

Wow, those cookies left me drooling on my keyboard! ;) Such beautiful and scrumptious treats! Sorry to hear you're under the weather...hope you feel better soon and take some time to rest and relax (with some tea and those marvelous cookies and a good book by the fire!) :)
Merry Christmas!

Mind Your Manors said...

WOW!!! You are the woman!


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

HI Jenny!

Oh what beautiful Cookies!! and I love the sill pats, they really help so much! Great gift idea too! your last one looks scrumptious! I haven't made those, but they look all gooey yummy :)!!

Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!

Hugs, Cynthia

Catherine Holman said...

Such beautiful cookies! Hope you are feeling better and that you and your family have a Happy New Year!

Sara@ Butterville said...

Oh, your cookies look SO yummy! I'm sorry I didn't post on here before now. Our computer was in the shop. We had over 100 virus' on it...Now we are cleaned up and running like a champ again. PHEW!
I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
Mom and Dad LOVED the tree. I think Dad even got teary eyed! He kept saying "Take it back take it back" Because we weren't "allowed" to get them anything. So I kept saying "I can't take it back! Besides you'll WANT this." He was so funny...after he composed himself he said, "I think we'll keep it."
It was the BEST gift I ever got to give! It was so awesome. Thank you for your loving time and work...