Thursday, November 4, 2010

... still adding to the list ...

My husband walked past me this evening and nearly fell over ... no, I did not bounce him off my ever-growing rear (damn that Halloween candy!) ... I was making more jewelry. See, he thought that since I had cleaned off my work space and began to make some sense of the madness that has been consuming our home - well, that I was done "creating."


I just didn't feel right offering "jewelry" with really only one style - necklaces. So, I put together some earrings to be added to the mix.

I really love the irregularity of the freshwater pearls and the jasper stones are full of beautiful earth-toned colors. I hope that ladies will fancy them ... :)

Two more days (well, actually only one - since it is about 1:30 Friday morning.). The idea of opening my very first art show is beginning to dwell heavy on my heart. I keep doing my breathing exercises that my sister insists on (thanks, Miss!) and many ... many prayers. I'm excited, and yet a little hesitant too. I am so ever grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that I've been receiving from my incredible friends & family. Thank you - my cup runneth over.

Did I mention the snow in the forecast? Yes. Snow. And, where is the show? In a barn. Actually, a very nice barn, and I do believe that my dear friend will be turning on the heaters - Thank Heavens! God Bless, Penny!! Otherwise it would just be the source of wine for warmth ... and that could be scary by 5:00!! LOL

Speaking of which ... too bad there are no cocktails in sight right now. I could use something to calm me to sleep, other than sheer exhaustion. Have you ever gotten to the point that you've stayed up too late and now it is terribly hard to quiet the mind and fall asleep? I'm there. :)

Happy Friday!!

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