Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Jiminy Cricket!"

Behold the next project for this week ...

(by the way - our Dalmatians & Cruella won First Prize at the Parade!! I'm hoping to get some pics from Troop Moms ... yes - can you believe it? I forgot my stinkin' camera! UGH!!! I don't even want to talk about it - I'm so disgusted with myself!...)

... Okay - back to the unveiling (I'm sitting here rolling my eyes at myself, by the way ...). The next project is one that I am truly excited about, as a home decor shop by the name of Sisters Three & Me (I know ... cute, huh?) contacted me to decoratively paint a bed for them. Too excited for words am I!

I also have the footboard to embellish a smidgen.

So, the request has been to incorporate a quote of Jiminy Cricket's from Pinocchio. I immediately pictured and old piece of parchment, perhaps found by chance in someone's attic, left behind by our magical little cricket-friend as a bit of wisdom to share with generations abroad. I would also like to incorporate a bit of Pinocchio in this piece ... maybe a branch with sparse leaves nestled behind the paper, but poking and peeking through and above this message to represent our dear, yet mischievous, Pinocchio's nose when one too many fibs were told.

Hmmmm ... Let's see how this turns out ... :)


Tammy Sue said...

Sounds like a great and creative plan you have in place! I can't wait to see the final product! How lucky are they to have your talent and creativity right in their own backyard...well, almost that close! AND, congrats to Cruella, the pups, and their creator! ;) Any ideas for a family of four...meaning, hubby, wife, and two youngest, since the oldest will be working when we go to our Hween gig....? We rarely (okay, never) have creative costumes! Hence, my request for your creative suggestions! :)

aunt judy said...

How Great! you won first prize in the parade.... See your hard work does pay off. I bet the kids were so excided... Can't wait to see how the bed turns out... Way to go Jenn! Aunt Judy

Jenny said...

Wish that I could say that our pups and Cruella were my idea - however, they were not. I believe that it was our leader, who looked amazing as Cruella! Some of us moms at a meeting hashed out some ideas and by our Troop's first meeting, clothing was purchased and planned out for embellishment - so it was a total group effort.

I simply made the banner and one pup's costume per what was decided by the group ... I certainly would not want to take credit for the Troop or their win. It was a complete Troop effort ... moms and girls alike.

Sorry - just wanted to clear that up ...

But, as always - thanks so much for your continued cheers of support!! :)

Sara@ Butterville said...

OH. How cool! Wish you had a picture...But I know why.Can't wait to see your next project!ooh it's exciting.