Friday, July 13, 2012

... a portrait to celebrate a couple's love :)

In my ever continuous game of playing "catch up" from my work in the studio, I realized that I had never shared with you a wedding portrait that I had created for my customer, Miss Jen :) 

Miss Jen found my work at an art show a couple years ago and commissioned me to create a personal painting for her partner, Miss Emily. 

This was inspired from my original "Sunshine" painting ...
It was great fun getting to know Miss Jen and working with her; so, I was tickled when she contacted me to help her design a gift to give her sister, a bride-to-be!  We threw around a few ideas and settled on a wedding portrait :)  I had created one similar for my wedding, back in the day! ... and it is something that I truly cherish. 

We have it hung above our bed and every so often I will take note of the wishes and signatures of our friends and family ... and pause in prayer over those who have since gone on to their great Glory in Heaven :)  It means so much to see Pap's name along side Gram Cramer's ... and Grandma Elwood's wishes of happiness ... Uncle Jimmy - - Cousin Petey ... Dear Helen Columbus.  For who are we without the love and support from our family and friends that make up our world?

Miss Jen forwarded to me a photo of the happy couple ...
and she decided on a painting in the style of "my version" of watercolor :) ...
So, I set out to complete a sketch for approval ...

With a slight adjustment made to her sister's jaw line ... we were ready to go!

I applied masking fluid to the couple's sketch, leaving only the background uncovered.  THEN, the fun began!  Playing with the washing and layering of colors is by far my favorite part because it is mood-evoked and leaves room for whimsy brushstrokes in playful light.

Then, came time to bring the happy couple to life :) 

The fluid masking came in handy again when creating the designs of her blouse.  It worked perfectly to create the intricate designs of the floral pattern. 
Most often than not, I find it refreshing to see that when I am creatively busy, it seems to inspire my kiddos to try their hands at something similar ...


Can you tell that Mr. Bieber has some in-house fans??

For presentation purposes at the wedding, I had added plexy-glass underneath the matting and added a foam board backing to mount everything as one piece.  This enabled the guests to sign freely onto the mat itself, without the fear of marking the original painting. 

Upon meeting up with Miss Jen to deliver her painting, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Emily ... How fun to meet a subject of one of my favorite paintings!!  Both gals are such sweethearts and truly do bring sunshine to the day :)

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
-James Matthew Barrie
Creator of Peter Pan
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