Monday, July 9, 2012

... In the Studio: A Take-over of Enamels & Glass :)

It seems that more often than not that my entries begin with, "Gosh!  It's been too long since my last post!"  I do so apologize :)  Should I have any readers left ... I thought that I would play catch-up of the happenings going on in my studio over the last few months.  And, mostly ... it's been a crowd of boxed glassware and a new indulgence in enamel paints :)

I've been blessed with the opportunity of having my work displayed in our town's new art gallery, The Canvas.  This set of ice cream dishes are one of the items that I have there.  I am finding it difficult to fill a whole display with my glass work, as most of what I've been doing has been custom orders.  But, I do have plans on creating some children illustrations to be showcased by Christmas ... fingers crossed!!

The mini dessert dishes below are the perfect accessory to a summertime gathering for samplings of little torts or layered treats.  Adorable mini spoons come with the set of 6.
Flip-flops ... the quintessential accessory for summer :)

The daydream of sipping Lemon Cello along the coast of Italy inspired these glasses ... (love that movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun" :)

Garden party, anyone?? 
Truly, I believe that I heard the crashing of waves and calls of seagulls through my studio window ...

An Easter offering to our parents, both great and grand, of personalized dessert plates adorned with Lemonade Cupcakes :)

Miss Janice planned surprise presents for her dear friends during a Girls Getaway ... their favorite flowers on stemless wine goblets :)  What better way to toast years of friendship ...

Miss Loretta's hubby surprised her with a set of 8 dessert dishes, matching her decor, for her birthday :)  Fiesta Chili peppers spice up the sweetness of any day ...

My sweet neighbor and friend, Miss Helen, wished to surprise the bride with a glassware set she would "flip" over ... (couldn't help it!  just had to make the pun :)

... and she treated herself to some sweet lemonade to enjoy poolside, I presume?  :)

Between family time, studio time and gallery time, my days are gobbled up!  We've fit in a couple trips, a baseball season, and an ongoing remodeling session that is leaving my already cluttered home in total disarray.  Ugh.  I am currently redoing my daughter's room for the THIRD TIME (even took out a doorway and built a wall!) ... so I am anxious to get that completed so that her darling furniture can find it's home OUT OF MY DINING ROOM!  Hopefully, pictures of the transformation will follow VERY SOON :)  Thereafter, my kitchen and my son's bedroom (as he now has an unfinished wall too - LOL).

So, I'm off to begin the wallpaper primer ... I am so anxious to use the beadboard wallpaper!  I hope that it lives up to all of its raved reviews!  I'll keep you posted :)

The three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.
- Addison
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