Saturday, January 21, 2012

... trying to regroup.

Jeez Louise! I am so out of sorts these days. A little sullen ... a little cranky ... a little un-inspirable ... a bit like - - belly button fuzz. Thus, my complete lack of blogging ...

I have wanted nothing more than to just curl up in a nook and escape my wandering mind that is constantly jumping from one task or idea to another, making it impossible to focus on anything, much less accomplish something. Fighting this temptation for weeks has simply lead me wandering dazed and confused from room to room ...

So, I finally gave in to myself today and enjoyed a late-morning nap (something that I NEVER do!). I woke early, made breakfast (banana, blueberry & chocolate chip pancakes ... so scrumptious!) and cleaned up the kitchen. When my family seemed occupied, I grabbed a cup of coffee, my new book ... (I just adore Diane Keaton! ... and really - who doesn't?) and tip-toed upstairs. It was as if my comfy quilts were calling me to be covered like the outside world was in its blanket of snow.
Because I only read to page 8 of this book, there isn't much to say as of yet; however, when my eyes grew heavy and my head settled into the pillows ... I surrendered ... and ... that ... was ... BLISS. I woke around 1 in the afternoon - satisfied finally ... Refreshed, even. I called out to my son to put on his snow gear - - "we're going sled riding!"

Because Mema's hill is soooo big ... and steep - it makes for great fun going down the hill ... just not so much going UP ... LOL. We did about 5 runs and then ...

... my sled became more of a recliner. :) Good day ... so nice to have one of those.

Learning to live in the present moment

is part of the path of JOY.

- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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Melissa Babyak said...

Jenny!! I love the new layout of your blog! I also loved the pics of your sledding day :)

Let me know how the new book is - I'm looking for a new read. Just finished (for the second time) Janis Ian's Society's Child. Good read :)

Keep up the awesome work xx