Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okay - someone needs to hit the "Pause" Button ...

because I can hardly believe that Christmas has been gone for two weeks - Gracious! Upon visiting so many of you "on-the-ball" gals out there, I've felt like a schmuck and decided that I better move my hiney (is that right?) and pack up our Christmas tree and trims, and embrace this ever-present New Year with a gusto ... well, at least a slight breeze.
I pulled out my daughter's handmade ornament organizer that she made for me a few years back. It works like a charm!
She is just too crafty with paper! Here we keep all of our most cherished trinkets.
And, packed away all of our homemade ornaments...
As well as my new, lovely finds this year ... My vintage (I love that word!) Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments. I was on Could Nine when I found these treats at an antique sale. The box is even so eye-catching! I know ... it doesn't take much, does it?
This picture was taken when I first began to unravel our colored twinkles from the tree. Notice my relaxed hand and grip .... Had I had known that my dear hubby had twisted and thread them in and out all over the (smile) tree ... I think, perhaps, that I would have left this job for him to do. However, I am woman ... and I do like to roar ... so I woman-handled the lights, the tree, and stuffed it all away for next year. Humph!

A bid of farewell till December ... only 11 months away, not even a Full YEAR! - We are crazy, aren't we?

Now, I must say that this task has been taking me a number of days for a few reasons:
1. My little guy needs to be loved, fed, played with and cleaned up after.
2. My little fur ball needs to be loved, fed, played with and cleaned up after.

The difference? (Other than the obvious that one is my beloved son and the other a new family pet) ... One's potty-trained and the other ... well? I'm just praying that he learns that the outside is not a place only to eat snow or run amuck while twisting his master up in a leash! I'm just on a kick of housebreaking and my rule has always been that I cannot housebreak two beings at once. Thus, my pairing them up! :) And, they are my two constant companions throughout the day... See - this is why God created puppies to be so darn cute. If not, we would all ship 'em back to the breeders!! LOL! However, I swear that our pup is looking more dog-like recently ... I swear that he's grown inches and pounds!
Truly, the reason that I could get a bulk of my decor packing done today is because it was a good day. I said "Good Boy" a lot more than "Noooooooo!". Also, we had no messes in the house today ... can I hear a Yahoo!!?? (Now, I probably just jinxed myself for tomorrow ... then again, I'll be running errands and my husband will be home - Hee!Hee!).

Oh, and the #3 reason that it's taken me all week in what usually takes me a day to accomplish ... This book -

The Secret Lives of Bees - by Sue Monk Kidd
Heavens - it's incredible! I just can't put it down!! Well - I do, to be somewhat productive .... but it's just one of those reads that stays with you while you're puttering around the house - just calling your name! I find myself wondering how the characters are and what turn of events could occur ... don't you just LOVE books like that? My mom-in-law gave this goodie to me and loved it herself. So, if you haven't experienced this book yet ... Grab it and dive in! I missed the movie ... cannot wait for its release on DVD. I do hope that the movie is not a let down, as so often happens.
For instance - I'm a huge fan of Luanne Rice. However, Beach Girls was the worst interpretation of a book turned into Lifetime movie that I've seen. Complete disappointment, in my opinion. And, to be honest, I much prefer the books to the movies that have been made from Nicholas Sparks' novels, as well. Although, my favorite would have to be Message in a Bottle, if I had to pick. Costner and Penn had such chemistry!
Speaking of movies ... my sister and I have a weekly date night at the movies. This week was my pick, and trust me ... she'll be holding this one over my head for some time. I picked (gulp) Valkyrie. (sigh). Notice that I did not enlarge the name ... perhaps I should shrink it for my opinion of it. Fantastic story line, especially as it is a true story. Great supporting actors. Impressive scenery, period attire, etc. And, then ... there's Tom. (*shake head*) How is it that Tom Cruise feels that he is above all that he should be able to pull off a period piece taking place in Germany, which the entire world is familiar with the happenings of it, and he can talk as if he were filming Top Gun? Seriously! He never even tries to pull off any kind of accent, but yet every other single person in the movie does ... what's that about? Needless to say - quite disappointing.
Whew - that was an unexpected rant. My apologies. I'm feeling so gabby!
Next on my to-do-list ... a commissioned "Marriage of Families" - Family Tree Wall Hanging. I'll be starting the draft this coming week and hope to receive my supplies soon so that I can plunge right into it. I am in need of clearing up my calendar so that can put a number of pieces together for an upcoming exhibit. I can hardly wait ... Oh, the excitement of a fresh new year - Now, I'm feeling it!!
So - I leave you with this to nibble on ...
There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.
- Martha Graham
May this New Year bring to you ... new paths to travel with more vibrant horizons to embrace and a multitude of luminous stars to capture -


Nicole Austin said...

I'm sad to see Christmas go, too! :( I still haven't quite the heart to take down the stockings yet...Maybe just a few more days. ;) I love the photos of the lights and ornaments--and the box your daughter made to keep them safe til next year is just so sweet! And there's nothing like a getting caught up in a good book! It's like a dream you don't want to wake up from. :) Creative wishes to you in the New Year!

Happy 2009!


Donna said...

Hi Jenny,
Yes, Christmas is over, as my granddaughter says, a bit sad, but it always feels good to get things boxed and put away.

Love the little pooch. Hope the training goes well.

I've read the Secret Life of Bees ~ great book!

Also love the quote that you added at the end of your post.
Have a wonderful day!