Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just checking in ...

I can hardly believe how many months have passed since my lAdd Imageast post!! The best news is that the annoying white stuff has finally left us, and sprouting up through the withered, foilaged-covered ground are signs of God's beautiful artwork ...
... a sure indication that "life is good." By the way - this photo is courtesy of my creatively-talented daughter :)

My son is enamoured with the signs of spring throughout our yard, as well - - known to most as weeds, but I consider them no-fuss gifts - especially when presented with a tiny bouquet, fringed with fresh, green grass. To a mother's eye ... Teleflora couldn't have done better!

With spring in full bloom ... I often reflect on motherhood. I find such magic in this season - a rebirth of nature surrounds my senses ... and captures my soul. Remembrance envelopes me with times of family, moments of childhood, bits of simplicity. My children have given me such a whimsical outlook on life and it is that which I seek in my every day. It is more challenging when my days are spent alone ... much more than I ever thought. I find myself anxious for school to be over so that time can be spent sharing these simplistic, whimsical moments that will be passing us by all too quickly.

My latest painting captures a little of that bittersweet feeling that a mother reflects upon as her child grows and blossoms ... for they are always the sunshine in our lives.
I am so happy to report that this painting was purchased when displayed at the Art All Night Exhibition a few weeks ago. It's always heartwarming when someone finds such meaning in your work that they wish to claim it for their home.

Recently, I've been spending the past few days with thoughts of summer vacation on my mind ... jotting down and creating a list of summertime wishes to capture with my kiddos. Some are "musts", some are "would likes", and some are "maybes" - - but one thing for sure is that we want to have fun! So, here's our ...

Summertime Wishes ...

  1. Ride bikes.

  2. Swim in a lake.

  3. Make homemade ice cream. (Just unearthed two makers in the basement!!)

  4. Run through sprinklers.

  5. Water balloon battles with friends.

  6. Campout in backyard.

  7. Go tenting.

  8. Play cards/boardgames on porch.

  9. Go fishing.

  10. Make homemade donuts.

  11. Fly a kite.

  12. Build a fort.

  13. Grow an herb garden.

  14. Go berry picking.

  15. Play badminton.

  16. Make playdough on a rainy day.

  17. Picnic at outdoor concert.

  18. Watch movies at drive-in.

  19. Catch fireflies.

  20. Take local historical tours.

  21. Visit zoo & museums.

Our book club/creative workshop is on again this summer ... the girls will be choosing their summer reads on the last day of school. Then, our first meeting will be kicking off our only project this summer ... the girls will be trying their handiwork at writing and illustrating their very own children's book! I am currently working with a printer to see if these can be published so that donations can be made to local libraries. If it is too costly ... we may consider fundraising - perhaps a cupcake sale? :) We'll see ...

Whew! All I can say is - - I am so glad to have finally created a post and sent that winter scene down the page!! :)

So ... how about sharing your Summertime Wishes? Add to the list!! :)

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.

- John Lubbock


Sara said...

Well, dear bloggy friend it has been sometime yes?
We are starting our summer off early...
1) our family's first trip to Disney World. Tomorrow. :0)
2) find a good house to call home.
3) settle into a new neighborhood.
4) pinics
5) bike rides a certain girl got a "new" bike with hand brakes!
6) Lazy days at the beach
7) hectic evenings at the soccer fields.
8) a long overdue camping trip in the in-laws RV. (that IS camping for this city girl!)
9) homemade ice cream!
10) bonfires that run late into the night, the kids asleep in the chairs while hubby and I say nothing, but our connected hands say EVERYTHING.

I love your painting. You captured that saying beautifully. I love your work. It brings me joy.

Catherine Holman said...

Beautiful paintings!
1. fireworks
2. flip flops
3. baseball games
4. eating outside
5. having morning coffee outside
6. gardening
7. fireflies
8. homemade ice cream
7. cooking on the grill
8. motorcycle rides
9. srinklers
10. the scent of suntan lotion

I could go on and on!

Louise said...

Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog via Wyanne's blog. What a fun, whimsical blog! I love the style of your work as well; carries one back to one's childhood, beautiful. As I live in the Middle East my wish is to get to somewhere, anywhere green, beautiful and cooler...

wandamarie said...

Congratulations on selling your artwork at "Art All Night". I also had a piece there. It was a 62" tall sculptural piece on a stand-alone pedestal in the "middle". It was made of reed and clothing pattern paper, and it depicted a female form on one side and a stylized cat on the other side. No sale, but I did receive a lot of comments and compliments. (Sigh)