Monday, January 24, 2011

... thinking of spring ...

It was so cold this morning that school was delayed 2 hours ... so cold that when my daughter walked past me after taking the dog out, she caused a frosty air by crossing the room! ... so cold that all I want to do is curl up with my cozy plaid blanket, the latest book that I keeps me up at night and a frothy mug of hot cocoa ... as the saying goes - baby, it's cold outside :)

Thankfully, as I began gathering a few photos to present in this post, I began to feel a warmth that is very welcomed on such a chilly day - - a painting set in "springtime" is just the ticket to cast off Jack Frost and reflect on days dampened with morning dew, not icy flakes - budding blossoms, not stark branches. Winter certainly has its beauty; but on a day such as this, I tend to pine for the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the flowers.

This home portrait, yet another Christmas gift to be shared, came to me by a doll of a gal, Linda, who wished to present this painting to her parents. This was one of the largest home portraits that I have created - measuring at 18x24. I was thankful for that, as it allowed me gracious space to create the sprawling ranch and add the special details to capture their home.
Some of my most favorite days in the spring are ones that tend to be gray - warning that a rain shower is likely coming to pass. I'm captivated by the stark contrast of the bright budding leaves and blooms against the murky sky. It tends to leave me with feelings of a peaceful comfort, knowing that I will take a cozy refuge from the raindrops in my home, watching God nurture his gift to us - - the beauty of nature in season.
With this in mind, I decided on a grayish blue sky - not dark enough to be menacing, but enough to capture the sense of that peaceful comfort within their home.
This beautiful ranch had much detail to its design. From shaded brick to architectural panels and trim ... from decorative lighting to landscape and rock gardens, I wished to capture the essence of their home, noting how much it was loved and looked after, and more importantly, what it undoubtedly held behind its doors and windows - - family. memories. love.
Because this portrait was large scaled and the architectural design was ranch-style, there was ample room at the forefront to include a cherished quote or saying. Of course, I was thrilled when Linda chose the words ... "All roads lead home ..." They are of special significance to me, as you might have guessed :)
How fitting for this piece!
Thank you, Linda, for the opportunity to create this painting for your family - - a true joy.
Check back tomorrow - as I will be sharing with you a Christmastime home portrait created for a lovely family ... the Kuerts. :)
The day the Lord created HOPE
was probably the same day He created SPRING.
- Bern Williams

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny for the beautiful painting of our home...I just read your writing and it brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.
We have shared many wonderful happy memories in our home and this painting will be a "forever treasured" gift that can be passed down for generations to come. Love the words "All Roads Lead Home"!! Thanks for the fine job you did! Love it!
Carolyn Mogle