Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An early birthday present ...

I found this video while making my visits in blogland this morning. Kaybe of The Essential Beachcomber posted this video and truly? - - I had tears in my coffee cup! My heart soared with thanksgiving, just knowing that within this moment of time, at a crowded food court, among busy shoppers, cell phones and the like ... God was there. Not a doubt in my mind ...

Watch it - - if your spirits need a lift, if your feeling a bit blue ... this will surely shake your spirit up and land you on the bright side of things.

It gave me a lovely reminder this morning as I settle in to another darn year tacked on to my age - - BLAH!! :) Although, this does mean cake is in the forecast ... The sugar rush should ease the pain.

Enjoy a very blessed day ...

For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.
- Author Unknown


Kaybe said...

Hi Jenny,
That Hallelujah Chorus is making the rounds. My friend posted it on my FB. I cried the 1st time I listened to it. Love your art & your blog. I have a birthday coming up as well but I just reverse the numbers so I'll be 35 next month :)

We're too blessed to be stressed!


Zuzana said...

Oh, yours is the second blog I read that features this video.;) But is worth while to see many, many times.;))
Happy early Birthday, you are still soooo young.;))

Catherine Holman said...

I cried too Jenny! What a blessing that day must have been for everyone there!