Friday, October 15, 2010

Toasting simple living ...

Here's a sneak peak at the autumn wine glasses that are waiting patiently to be baked.

I am finishing up the winter collection, as well as a few celebration themes, and will be moving onto the hand painted scarves ... hopefully by Monday. The clock keeps ticking, reminding me that my deadline is fast approaching. (sigh)

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now - and my body is definitely screaming at me for rest. Any mom out there knows exactly what I mean - actually, with the crazy flow of this world - we all know it - mom or not. The great treadmill of life ... I don't know about you, but I'm sweaty, out of breath and ready to drop just keeping up with the pace of it all. Whatever happened to the days of Mayberry?

There I go again ... wishing for a simpler time. One that didn't have conversations constantly interrupted by cell phones and texting or schedules that permitted children to relax at the end of the school day. Everyone seems to be in a rush, heading this way or that, with a Blackberry in one hand, an expensive coffee in the other, and their children trailing behind with the same. Now - don't get me wrong ... I love the expensive coffee (non-fat white chocolate peppermint mocha with whip, to be exact!) ... I just feel as though we live in a world that is supposed to be so "connected" with all of the electronic gadgets (mind you, I'm using one right now ....); yet, I can't help but feel that we are completely "disconnected" to one another as a community or even within our home, at times.

Take this for instance - I don't know about you, but blogging a post takes me forever, which is probably why I do not get to it as often as I'd like. When I post, I am distracted and tend to ignore my surroundings, which -at times- has been my 5 year old asking for a snack, then whining for a snack ... and yes - I am not proud to say, there has been a time or two that it actually took tears to tear me away from this machine. I know. Don't judge!

So, I resort to posting when I am alone; thus, not too often! LOL

Okay - I don't know how I got started with all of that other than my mind is fried and seems to be on autopilot and just might go in any direction that it desires. So, I should take heed and sign off ...

Well, I'm off to do what I've been doing for weeks - - pull the paintbrush from behind my ear and dip it in a bit of paint! Hopefully my eyes don't cross and I end up painting my nose ...

Happy Weekend, All!

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

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