Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Fresh Start ...

Over a cup of tea this morning, I poured over the words and images of The Artistic Mother, and began the first step towards my goal of incorporating creativity into my daily life ... My Artistic Vision Statement. It is said that this Statement "reflects how you want to live your life - of ideals for which to strive ... Think big!" So ... here goes ...

I am a creative woman who is in love with life. I am creating a body of work to reflect me and the blessings that surround me. I do this every day - no matter the obstacles - experiencing a part of the creative process to keep my soul uplifted.
I am creating a body of work that captures my view of life and my children through photography, mixed media and poetry. I am a whimsy soul - focusing on the wonderment of each day - and bringing forth that element into my art.
I honor God, my husband and my children with all I do, feel, think and say.

Along with this declaration comes Long-Term and Short-Term Goals. These lists will, undoubtedly, be amended or added to over time, but it is a starting point for me.

Long-Term Goals:
  • Take stunning photos of my children.
  • Develop an art workshop to teach in the next 5 years.
  • Exhibit a work of art in a gallery.
  • Create a line of greeting cards.
  • Create a line of wall art.
  • Contract boutiques to carry my art.
  • Be published in a creative magazine.

Short-Term Goals:

  • Take 5 decent photos of each of my children.
  • Complete this 12-week course! :)
  • Experience at least one element of the creative process daily.
  • Post on my blog each day.
  • Go to the museum.
  • Make one craft with my children each week.
  • Attend local gallery shows.
  • Make one homemade gift each month.
  • Schedule a weekend at an artist retreat.
  • Research local boutiques for needs.
  • Take my camera each time I leave the house.
  • Take my children on summer field trips each week.
  • Research teaching art classes to children.
Whew! I feel joyful! ... and so very anxious to dig into this journey. Thank you to Donna and Nicole for your words of encouragement ... your continued support through my random absences have truly meant so much! And, thank you to the author of this incredible bound of creativity ... Shona Cole. You all may be interested to know that on her blog she is offering a chance to WIN a copy of this very book!! Stop by!

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.
~Leonardo da Vinci


Catherine Holman said...

I need a fresh start too Jenny. You go girl!!

Nicole Austin said...

what a great start! it all seems so much more possible when written down. i think you've inspired me to try it, too!

wyanne said...

I really enjoyed reading your Artistic Vision Statement and your long and short term goals. It is so wise to break them down like that. Now you need to print these really big and put them all around your studio.

Shona Cole said...

Oh wow, wow! I am almost speechless. Writing this book was all worth the effort now, truly.

You know there is nothing in the book that I have not tried before and need to be continually reminded of myself... so many distractions in this life! Your visions and goals will help you. Like wyanne said, print them out! Read and re-read them.
Of course next you have to break it down into days. and then do it. I love that you are posting about it, blogger accountability works for me all the time.
thank you, thank you for catching the vision.

Shona Cole

Jen said...

Your artistic vision statement is wonderful. I really enjoyed the process of writing mine, too, even though I don't consider writing to be a strength. Your painted image is adorable, too. Great colors.