Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heavens! Mid-May already??

I can hardly believe how much time has passed since my last post!

Let's see ... what has taken up my time these days?

More paintings ...

To complete my set ... (see prior post below)

Faith ... with wings.

These little spring birds were painted when I was inspired by a fellow artist's sculptured, feathered friends, Donna from Donna's Art. My apologies, Donna, for taking so very long in sharing!

a "Marriage of Families" Canvas Wall Hanging for the Huff Family.

I am looking forward to capturing a photo of this painting hanging within its home in the Huffs' dining room. When I do, I will share. :)

...Humph...what else?

Geez, since February? ...

Flu bugs that nested in and stayed for weeks; Birthdays that last beyond their celebratory day (as they should!); Gray hairs that screamed for coloring; Two weeks that were spent utterly consumed in the Twilight series (obsessive is more like it ... have you read them? If not, scratch out a good chunk of time and indulge yourself!! As a girlfriend of mine declared, "Edward ruined it for all men" ...(sigh) Edward .... I'll stop here - otherwise, this post will be of nothing else! (sigh) ... :) continue ... Girl Scout Meetings that required lengthy planning of a World Vision Sponsorship and four badges (woo-hoo! This was a feat - trust me!); and currently, the revival of the Friends in the Park Book Club. This is a summer book club that I host for my daughter and her friends. We hope to cover four books this summer, while enjoying the lazy summer days, brown bag lunches, cherished stories, backyard games and arts & crafts. It should be fun ... :)

Of course, as every mom knows, these activities were sprinkled throughout the daily tasks of: mealtime, cleantime, playtime, mealtime, cleantime, naptime, mealtime, cleantime, playtime, bedtime ... whew! LOL!

So - in other words - life as usual. ... And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

May you live every day of your life.

-Jonathan Swift


Donna Longenecker said...

Hi Jenny,
Glad to see you back! Your paintings are lovely, as usual, and I'm happy to hear that I had inspired your beautiful bird paintings.

Sounds like you've been real busy.
I may have to check out that Twilight series (not familiar with them).

Enjoy the day!

charlotte said...

thankyou Jenny for your comment on my goodness you have a creative gift.
your paintings and inspirational sayings on them are absolutely beautiful!
i wish i had one hanging in my home too!