Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A story of a boy and a space of his own...

There lives a boy with a clever smile and eyes that melt his momma's heart, who tells tall tales of wilderness hunts and adventures along the streams. 
Even at a tender age of 2, this boy was fascinated with animals of all shapes and sizes ... trips to the zoo were legendary (and hard to leave to go home) ...
and walks around the neighborhood became scavenger hunts to find birds, squirrels, chickens and ducks. 
His fondness for animals is only a glimpse of the size of his heart.  His compassion and thoughtfulness is seen by even passersby, as he strives to be a "good helper" by holding the door for others and brighten people's days with a kind word in passing or a remembrance of how one is feeling. 

Because this little boy enjoyed other's company so much, he spent very little time in his bedroom.  He chose instead to turn the living room into his playroom, which resulted - on most days - of "sighs" from his momma and bins of toys stored beneath furniture.  Racetracks of cars covered the carpet ...
and window blinds became token garage spots for the collection. 
"My room," he declared, "is only where I sleep."  A room redo?  Why the need?  He liked the blue walls ...

his book and sports collection

and his stuffed-animal, deer mount on the wall.

So, he never minded the ever-changing bedroom of his older sister's ... that is - until most recently. 

Second grade is a step up in maturity, you know - and a "man" needs his space.  :)  A space that is all his own ... and a reflection of who he is ... and if one was to ask this endearing, little man who he is, he would reply, "an Outdoorsman."  :)

A band of merry elves created the team that transformed this room ... just as in his big sister's room.

His momma worked night and day with the help of his pappy, grammy and daddy .. a true team effort.  Mustard and beige and soft chocolate were the earthy hues ... and dad passed down his Palominos to an eager boy ready to claim them.  A second-hand bookcase ($20!!) was reclaimed in the matching mustard hue that houses the boy's chapter books, trophies and a spectacular woodland find - - a true deer skull with antlers.

This space has become a room of his own, surrounding the boy with the things that he loves ... and a cozy nook for reading or watching movies.

It was with teary-eyes that his momma put the final touches on his new room, as it became quite clear that her little boy was growing up.  But, as much as he clamours at the chance to head out with big guys to shoot archery or go fishin', he would always hold a place in his heart for his momma - for he said so :) ...
... my cup runneth over.

While we try to teach our children all about life,

Our children teach us what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt

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