Sunday, July 3, 2011

A day for my son ...

With my daughter off on her summer getaway with her dad & step mom - my hubby and I decided to surprise our son with a day filled with all things he loves ... a sleepover at camp (might I add that he was not tickled with the idea that mom was tagging along ... "But, mom - it's a guy's place!" ... he's just dying to become a man! At age six, he's trying to chase away his childhood with macho gusto. while I am clinging to every previous moment!!) - - So, again - a sleepover at camp (complete with campfire & s'mores - and BATS! Those of which he thought would be an awesome mount - oh dear :) ... breakfast at the Farmer's Inn (okay this one was a treat for all of us ... incredible homemade french toast with farm fresh eggs & coffee that would give Starbucks a run for its money - plus, did I mention the quaintness of this place? Just take a look!... and my little guy cleaned his plate of flapjacks & bacon with a big ole' smile :)

We also stopped by for a visit at the fishing hatchery where he captured scores of rainbow trout & palominos on his DSi - - this child is enamoured with anything that would define an outdoorsman - a "mini-me" of his dad :) ... ... and - I'll venture to say his favorite spot all day - the deer ranch ...The bucks were in velvet - glad to see that all was still intact. If you have ever seen the stage of when they are rubbing that velvet off ... you know what I mean -- Icky ... and definitely not something that one would want to photograph ... I'll just leave it at that. While observing these deer and feeling the softness of their growing antlers (this one above is a "piebald," noting its coloring variation), I was struck, as I often am, by God's creative process. Even within the cycle of antlers ... the growth of the soft vascular bone beneath the velvet covering, stimulated by hormones over several months to calcify into beautiful antlers ... Truly - His handiwork and creativity never ceases to leave me awestruck.

Even though I am not a hunting & fishing gal by trade/interest, I do so enjoy being in the presence of nature and allowing the magnitude of beauty and wonderment to sweep me up in its magic. It puzzles me how anyone can question the existence of God. Look around ... just in acknowledging the complex variety of all forms of life is proof in the pudding!

My favorite were the fawns with their delicate spots and knobby knees ... It was such a special treat :)

We also had a tiny, furry friend tag along with us while we made our way through the corrals ...... my son would spot him scampering along the beams, in and out of the fences, and announce - "There's Alvin again!" :)
Campfire Treats to toast the stars + making friends with Furry Woodland Animals + Ice Cream Cones to end the day = Simple Happiness :)

One more note ... My mama-meter hit a high when we visited an artist gallery and all my son focused on was finding a special trinket for his sister ... love that thoughtful boy. It warms my heart to know that she is on his mind. I always feel her absence when she is not with us ... but I know that she is having her own adventures and creating special memories that will surely be a highlight of her summer. Until my baby girl gets home, I will continue to pray for her safe return - all the while counting my blessings and thanking the Lord for it all.

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.

- George Santayana


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures Jen. So glad you had a nice time. You are so right about Gods gifts. I know I thank him always for the gifts that he has bestowed upon my family. i love you all with all my heart.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words from a beautiful woman. God's masterpieces that is what we all are. I too am blessed everyday by him in some way. I love all of you

Aunt Judy