Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Judge ...

... and I'm not talking about "Judy" :)

For any of you who are are an automobile enthusiast ... "The Judge" gives a whole new meaning to this lofty term other than afternoon shows of crazy courtroom debates. I've learned recently that this "bad-boy muscle car" was a hit in 1969 and was only created for three years by Pontiac, in an effort to reclaim their sales and status with the "youth market." Well, they did so with my godmother's husband, who owned one back when they were dating. Those were the days when cruising was a sport and evenings were made of starry night skies, the rumbling of engines, some rock-n-roll, and local carhops.

With their 40th anniversary approaching, she enlisted my help in her vision of surprising his socks off with her thoughtfulness :) Now, the fact that I had never sketched a car in my life did not stop me from jumping on the bandwagon ... I have the Good Lord to help me with that! So, we talked car details and "back in the day" stories, and I worked out a design to hopefully capture the nostalgia of this gift.
From my design to create an old photo, add a punch of color to designate our focal point and the incorporate the history of this car ... I hope that we have achieved a surprise that will satisfy his adoration of the long-lost car that he once enjoyed.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Rosanne and Danny!

May you enjoy many more beautiful & happy years together :)

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